How It Works


Buy an NFT with your preferred token


METFI tokens are staked to your NFT


METFI tokens multiply daily


Swap METFI tokens for treasury assets or sell them anytime

METFI Multiplier NFTs

Shrimp is a 1x METFI Multiplier and a Humpback is 10x.

You can start from as little as 100 USDT (Shrimp) and buy as much METFI as you want or buy higher NFTs that multiply METFI tokens faster. METFI tokens are always staked to your highest NFT so you always receive the correct METFI multiplier and you can upgrade NFTs at any time.

Every 6 months the multiplier base rate halves, slowing the rate of METFI token distribution and rewards that each NFT receives which makes METFI deflationary, scarcer, and more valuable over time, similar to Bitcoin.

The earlier you buy an NFT and the more METFI tokens that you stake to it the greater the benefits you receive.

The multiplier base rate began as 1 and halved to 0.5 in April 2023 and will halve again to 0.25 in October 2023 and so on for a maximum of 6 halvings with the final halving taking place in October 2025.

Amount of METFI after 1 year if you hold 100 METFI today
NFTMETFI MultiplierTotal METFI
Amount of METFI After 1 Year and base rate halvings if you hold 100 METFI today. METFI multiplies daily and you can sell all of it at any time or swap it for treasury assets.
Whale Shark9x236.19

New METFI tokens are added to your NFT daily and compound.

Withdraw your accumulated METFI or sell your NFT at any time (your METFI is NOT locked for 1 year), or swap your METFI for treasury assets – 10% of swapped METFI is burnt while the remaining 90% is recycled back to NFT owners in the form of METFI Multiplier Rewards – burning METFI reduces its total supply.

Our utility NFTs also grant you a proportional claim on all Web3 projects the DAO invests in and at times you may receive personal whitelisting, early-stage access to some of these projects.

Each NFT purchase includes METFI tokens equivalent to 10% of the NFT price – the METFI tokens are automatically staked to your NFT. Upgrade NFTs or stake more METFI at any time.

MetFi operates via smart contracts that were audited by Certik and published on GitHub allowing anyone to read MetFi DAOs code without being able to change it.

Our smart contracts operate autonomously which means they are self-executing, without any human intervention, performing only the tasks that they were programmed to perform into perpetuity.


Profits from NFT and METFI token sales are sent to the treasury for investment in Metaverse and Web3 projects, some could become unicorns!

All NFT and METFI holders proportionally own and control the DAO and vote on all important matters including which Web3 projects to invest in and how much to invest.

The higher your NFT and the more METFI that you hold the more governance voting power you have over the DAO and the greater your share of treasury assets.

Your proportional share changes based on your actions and the actions of others. If another person sells their METFI or makes a treasury claim and you don’t your share of the DAO increases – upgrading NFTs before others is another strategy to increase your power.


Buy NFT & Stake METFI Now

METFI tokens can ONLY be staked to MetFi NFT inside the MetFi App


NFT Owners

Average METFI Multiplier

Treasury Assets Value

Total Value Locked

For more stats visit our Comprehensive Statistics Page

Audited By

Certik, a world leader in smart contract auditing published its audit in August 2022 making it official.

MetFi DAOs code is at the very least on par with the world’s best smart contract coding practices and considering MetFi launched one of the largest smart contract deployments in blockchain history with over 7,000 lines of code that’s quite an accomplishment.


New investment opportunities are constantly evaluated.


MetFi is the world’s 1st DeFi utility NFT ecosystem focused on investing in and incubating Metaverse and Web3 unicorns and aspires to be the world’s #1 Metaverse and Web3 incubator.

MetFi is a DAO that sees Metaverse and Web3 projects through a corporate and institutional lens so MetFi invests in and incubates projects to that level by introducing them to its community and global network of advisors spanning multiple disciplines and verticals.

MetFi is focused on you, the community member, and together as a DAO we invest in multiple Web3 projects – flipping the entire angel investor and venture capital model on its head by tightly aligning, and constantly recalibrating, the desires of the project with those of our community into one synergistic, frictionless ecosystem where everybody wins.

MetFi DAO owns and controls its own liquidity, giving it enormous flexibility to move swiftly on investment opportunities and adapt to prevailing market conditions.

MetFi community has full control of METFI DAOs liquidity.

MetFi was built for the people, not for an individual or company – you are invited to join us as we shape the Web3 world together.


MetFi has been built for the long term so this roadmap will be updated periodically.

All major developments and investments are voted on by the community so please join our Telegram and Discord to receive the most up-to-date information.

Q2 2022

> Launched one of the largest smart contract deployments in blockchain history.
> Whitepaper released
> $800 Million METFI tokens burnt - one of the largest token burns in history

Q3 2022

> Certik audit - MetFi a Top 10% Most Watched Project
> Web3 projects can apply for funding
> 1st investment - Big Time
> METFI token lists on LBank and BitMart exchanges

Q4 2022

> NFT Marketplace
> 2nd investment - AngelBlock
> 3rd investment - iMe-X
> 4th investment - Sona Protocol

Q1 2023

> Certik ranks MetFi Top 5% / Top 500 Project
> Liquidity Locked for 2 Years
> Comprehensive Comprehensive
> Lending & Borrowing Platform
> MultiSig treasury tracker
> METFI token lists on MEXC
> Certik audit #2 - marketplace smart contracts
> 5th investment - The Sandbox
> 6th investment - Evermoon

Q2 2023

> Certik audit #3 - full audit of all smart contracts
> Switch from BUSD to USDT
> Switch from METFI token to METFI token
> METFI token maximum total supply fixed
> 1st multiplier base rate halving (0.5)
> Recycling METFI tokens (enhanced burning mechanics)
> MetaQuiz educational game of skill launch
> METFI token lists on

Q3 2023

> Veto button for community to stop any treasury transaction
> Historical sales data added to Marketplace
> Gaming Guild formed
> Influencer Star Ranking Pool in dApp
> More investments in Web3 projects

Q4 2023

> Treasury Claims for NFT owners
> Onboarding wizard – new members
> Onboarding wizard – Web3 projects
> Enhanced member visibility of
> Web3 investments applications
> UX (user experience) redesign
> 2nd multiplier base rate halving (0.25)
> Loan offers added to lending platform
> Ocean Summit Conference
> More investments in Web3 projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

You need a minimum of 100 USDT and 0.01 BNB (for gas) in your DeFi wallet to buy an NFT. Connect your DeFi wallet to Binance Smart Chain and launch the app to purchase your NFT.

We recommend Metamask but you can use any DeFi wallet. Here is a list of some popular DeFi wallets.

Only a maximum of 500 million METFI tokens will ever exist. METFI tokens are incrementally released into circulation every 12 hours via METFI Multiplier Rewards (staking). The total supply will in fact be less than 500 million due to the METFI token burning mechanics of the protocol.

Circulating supply is the total number of METFI tokens that have been distributed to date – circulating supply incrementally increases every 12 hours when METFI Multiplier Rewards are distributed to NFT owners.

METFI is burned when a community member performs an action that generates a fee such as selling an NFT on the marketplace, taking out a loan, swapping METFI for treasury assets, playing MetaQuiz, unstaking METFI from an NFT, etc.

10% of the METFI that generates a fee is burned. The remaining 90% is sent to the METFI Recycling Pool where it will accumulate until October 2025 when the final Multiplier Base Rate halving event occurs. All of the METFI held in the recycling pool will be distributed to NFT owners in the form of METFI Multiplier Rewards.

No, the multiplier factor of each NFT is fixed for life. Upgrade your NFT to receive a higher METFI multiplier.

METFI Multiplier Rewards are multiplied by the base rate and the number of METFI that each member has staked to their NFT – this calculation determines the number of METFI tokens that each NFT holder receives every 12 hours at each METFI Multiplier Reward rebase event. METFI began with a base rate of 1 which halved to 0.5 in April 2023 and it will halve again every 6 months up to a maximum of 6 halving events after which the base rate will stop halving and remain fixed. The final base rate will be determined by the adoption of the MetFi protocol.

April 2023 – 0.5 October 2023 – 0.25 April 2024 – 0.125 October 2024 – 0.0625 April 2025 – 0.03125 October 2025 – 0.015625 The final base rate halving will occur in October 2025 after which the base rate will be dynamically set in line with the rate of adoption of the MetFi protocol.

For most people it is advisable to allocate between 40-60% of your budget on buying NFTs and allocate the rest of your budget to buying extra METFI and staking it to your NFT, this is the balanced strategy. Use the calculator above to see what happens when you follow this strategy.

That depends on which NFT you buy and the price of METFI at that time as your METFI is purchased from the open market on your behalf. You automatically receive 10% of the NFT purchase price as complimentary METFI so if you buy a Shrimp NFT for 100 USDT you receive 10 USDT of METFI at the market price.

You are buying the NFT and all of the benefits that come with it such as METFI Multiplier, a claim on the investments that MetFi makes and for some projects you can personally participate in early token sales and/or receive beta access to their product before the general public. All NFTs require METFI for METFI Multiplier to execute which is why you receive 10% of the NFT purchase price in complimentary METFI. This is why the Balanced Strategy is the best strategy for most people.

Yes, you can see your NFT inside the MetFi app, you can import it into Metamask mobile, and you can see it on the blockchain by entering your wallet address on BSCscan and clicking ERC-721 Token Txns. Your NFT and METFI always reside in your wallet and you have 100% control over them.

Yes, you can sell (and buy) METFI on Pancake Swap at any time.

MetFi is a DAO that is owned and controlled by its community of NFT and METFI token holders.